Levoit Core 300

Levoit Core 300 Air Purifier

Features and Design

Levoit core 300 is a suitable device for small rooms of 215 square feet. The air flow is much higher despite the size of the purifier. This device has an advanced 360 degrees Vortex air technology that removes hazardous contaminants and allergens from all round.

The shape of levoit core 300 is cylindrical in shape. It is made of plastic where its class of creation value is evident by the holding of the hand. The shell has a legit matte finish all round. It uses the bottom to top air flow method.    

The touch control panel is simple and includes all necessary features needed in an air purifier. It contains 3 fan speeds i.e. low, medium and high, and four different timers, 2h, 4hr, 6hr and 8hr.

 It contains a sleep mode design that allows the fan to a low speed of air flow and silent night, this also allows the lights to be at a half brightness. It has a child lock to prevent any wandering finger to tamper with the settings. 

The display on/off button turns the control panel on or off when you press depending with the present state of the air purifier. 

The levoit core 300 weighs 7.5 pounds which is a light weight to place it wherever you want at home without any struggles. It has a height of 14 inches which means that you can place it on a tabletop. 

The device can be placed at any point provided you put it on an open place where it will make the air circulation and purification in your room effective.

The levoit core 300 comes fully assembled so as not to make complications for those people who don’t like assembling things after buying. The levoit core 300 can be comfortably used in your bedroom considering it is at its lowest fan setting, it has a noise level of 24-50dB. 

The levoit core 300 has a check filter indicator, this is to alert you that you need to replace your air filter. The levoit core 300 has also a memory function. It will recall the fan speed that you had set before you switched off your air purifier.

Levoit core 300 has a CADR of 135 CFM. It gives you 5 air exchange in a 200 square feet and 8 air exchange in a 125 square feet room. The CADR is also verified by AHAM, you can truly trust its functionality. It has an ACH of 5x.The new technology of fan power evidences this strength, it can exchange air in 12 minutes.

 The all in one filters in levoit core 300 have an airtight seal to ensure that contaminants remain inside the air purifier with no leak. Levoit core 300 comes with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer.


Levoit core 300 uses a 3 stage filtration, pre-filter, true HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. This device is also capable of using other filters such as a pet allergy filter, mold bacteria filter and also toxin absorber filter.

  1. Pre-filter

The nylon pre-filter captures great airborne particles like hair and pet fur and also covers the main HEPA filter to prolong its life span. The pre-filter needs to be cleansed by a vacuum cleaner regularly maybe 2-4 weeks since it is effective for a short time.

  1. True HEPA filter

The true HEPA filter taps 99.97% of 0.3 microns and other small pollutants such as pollens, bacteria and other small dust particles.

  1. Activated carbon filter

The activated charcoal filter helps absorb kitchen smells, odor and VOCs.

The filter needs to be changed every 6-8 months .The air purifier has no UV-C or ionizer henceforth it is totally ozone free.

Power consumption

Levoit core 300 has a rating power of 45 watts and a standby power consumption of 0.8 watts. This is an air purifier to help you save energy. The levoit core 300 air purifier is also Energy Star certified.


  • Energy star certified
  • Sleek design
  • Easily portable
  • Great design
  • Noise level is nearly voiceless while on sleep mode


  • No smart sensor
  • Only designed for small rooms