The Honeywell HPA300 Review: Best Air Purifier for Large Room?

Reputable for its efficiency, high cleaning ability and durability, the Honeywell HPA300 true HEPA air purifier has been said to arguably be one of the best air purifiers that you will ever buy for a large room.

But is there truth in this or could it be just another marketing gimmick by people who want you to add yet another air cleaning gadget at home. Well, in this honeywell hpa300 review, I will explore that.

First things first–the honeywell hpa300 has true HEPA filters.

With the capability to clean away dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, mold and pet dander to a 99.97 percentage, it is indeed highly efficient. Its ability to clean away items as small as 0.3 microns is simply inimitable. And that it goes for a low cost below $300 endears the purifier to many large home owners.

What is difference between True HEPA filters and HEPA type filters

Now when we talk about TRUE HEPA filters, what do we mean by that? And why do we have to stress so much on the word TRUE HEPA filter.

Well according to health website WEBMD, HEPA is nothing but an acronym for High efficiency particulate air. A HEPA filter is nothing but a mechanical sieve that forces air through its fine mesh so that it can get rid of impurities such as pollen, dust and pet dander.

Now the HEPA filter has for so long been copied and counterfeited by marketers who sell you what they call ‘HEPA type filter’. But this is not the real thing. A true hepa filter would be able to get rid of 99.97 of air impurities in your home that are above 0.3 microns big. A HEPA type filter on the other hand can only capture impurities that are 2 microns large.

So, you now get the reason why we insist on air purifiers such as the Honeywell HPA 300 with true HEPA filter?

Because it will get rid of so much air impurities that it has been labeled safe for use by those people with allergies or are asthmatic.

But is not without its set of faults: for one, you cannot use it with a remote control. And you know that many home owners today want gadgets that are progressive and do not need so much manual works.

Our Honeywell hpa300 Review

Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover 465 sq ft hpa300 review

As someone who is highly allergic to dust, pet dander, pollen grains and irks at the smell of cigarette smoke, I was hell bent on getting a good air purifier for my home. But I was faced with lots of odds.

For one, my grizzly old father who lives in my house is a chain smoker and he has refused completely to throw away the smoky habit.

He is such a stubborn man!

At the same time, my kids love cats and so they are always crying to have the furry animal in the home no matter how much dander they bring in.

My wife loves flowers and so there is a small garden of flowers right outside the house and things get messy when they are flowering.

So I had to get solutions to solve my problems.

And so a friend advised that I look for an air purifier online and that is when I bumped on the Honeywell HPA 300 HEPA allergen remover on Amazon. Looking through the reviews, I found it to be a darling among other home owners. It had a 4 star rating with over 2000 other buyers claiming that it had indeed helped them.

It was praised as able to clean up air in a 465 square room per hour.

That is a really good CFM. I think that is really impressive since other air purifiers that you find around have a lower CFM.

Other than cleaning out pollen, dust and dander, it will also remove cigarette smoke odor or any other bad smells around your house since it has the carbon prefilter.

It must have been a good product.

So, I went ahead and bought it and I have never looked back.

For one, the Honeywell hpa300 is efficient and will clean out all the cigarette smoke that my nicotine loving father releases into the air. It also cleans out all the pollen grains and pet dander that find their way into the house. Needless to say, I have never had an allergy since I installed the gadget.

I also love the Honeywell hpa300 in that it works noiselessly. No one needs to know that you have an air purifier inside your home, do they? Let them just find out that you have some air cleaning gadget just because there is no dust on your furniture and that all pet dander is swept off the room. Noise needs not be an indicator.

Well, the Honeywell hpa300 meets this quiet working cliteria.

Features of the Honeywell hpa300 hepa allergen remover That I love

  • Noiseless unless you are using the turbo setting
  • No dust, pollen, dander on your furniture
  • Cleans out cigarette smoke
  • Fresh air per hour that betters your mood
  • Frees my basement off mold that might start collecting
  • Small and therefore is very portable to whatever room you want to clean up
  • Able to clean large rooms since it has a capacity to do an area of 465 square metres
  • It has 3 true HEPA filters that have been proved to be very efficient
  • It has reminders for you to check your carbon pre-filter as well as the 3 HEPA filters.
  • Unlike other purifiers that have an annoying LED light even at night, the honeywell HPA300 will give a good night sleep without any LED lights that might steal away your sleep.

What we did not like about this Air Purifier

  1. It could get noisy when you are using the turbo setting of the air purifier and therefore you would have to desist using it especially at night when you or your young ones want to grab some good night sleep.

2. When you are using it for the very first time, it had this foul chemical smell emanating from it that really put me off. I was actually about to ship it back and ask for a refund. But luckily, a friend told me that it was well and normal and that the chemical would go off. And surely it did.

3. You can only operate it manually as it does not allow remote control.

4. We also found out that it would consume lots of electric energy especially after detecting some dust, pollen or smoke in your house.

5. The honeywell hpa300 lacks a prefilter. When you remove the cover, all that is there is the carbon filter that removes odor from your air. This carbon filter also acts as theprefilter and so you will find it with lots of filth such as dust, pet dander and pollen that is cleaned in your home.

Other air purifiers such as the coway usually have a thin, fine mesh prefilter that takes care of the dust and dander.

The guys at honeywell argue that it will clean out bacteria , viruses as well as other volatile compounds in the air.

But we all know that it can’t since it does not use ultra violet rays in its air purification.

Comparison with the Honeywell HPA100 and HPA200

The only difference between this HPA300 with the HPA200 or HPA100 is that it has 3 HEPA filters installed into it while the HPA200 has 2 and the HPA100 has only one.

That is the only difference.

Owing to this, it will be able to clean a larger room at a shorter time than the HPA200 or HPA100.

Can you clean your HEPA filters with water or vacuum cleaner?

While a honeywell HPA300  is relatively inexpensive, the real cost comes in replacing the HEPA filters. It is recommended that you replace them after every 6 months of extensive activity.

And the replacement pack might go for as much as $50, right?

So are you willing to be spending the $50 to replace?

Well, most people are looking to clean them.

But the truth is that they go ahead to destroy the HEPA filters and do not have very nice air purification results.

So, I would advise you not to clean the hepa filter with water or a vacuum cleaner as you are going to destroy the filter.

You should always replace the filters.

What is the CADR of this air purifier?

According to Wikipedia, CADR is a figure of merit that is the cubic feet per metre (CFM) of air impurities removed. In full it means Clean Air Delivery Rate. It measures how much smoke, dust and pollen is removed by a purifier.

CADR was introduced by Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) and they are recognized globally by industry leaders as well as EPA.

The CADR of the honeywell hpa 300 is smoke:300, dust:320 and pollen:300 making it a good pick.

Is the honeywell hpa 300 good for people with allergy?

The purifier is a good pick for people with allergy or even asthma owing to the true hepa filters, its efficiency in generating lots of clean air per hour as well as the CADR.

Can this air purifier capture viruses away from your air?

While marketers might want to tell you that this purifier will be able to remove volatile organic compounds such as pharmaceutical, paint and refrigerant fumes, this is not true. While the true hepa filters are really good, they will not be able to pick anything that is less than 0.3 microns.

To beat VOCs and viruses, we need UV rays that are going to denature them.

Can the air purifier get rid of bad odors such as kitchen smells and cigarette smoke?

The purifier has a pre carbon filter that acts as a good absorbant of odors so this purifier will get rid of smoke and kitchen smells from your home.

How long should you use the hepa filters on this air purifier before replacing them?

The purifier should be used for at most three months before you replace the true hepa filters. There is also an indicator that tells you when to replace the filters.

Anyway, that is my honeywell hpa 300 review and I feel that with this kind of information, you are now adequately equipped with sufficient information to buy the gadget.