Can you wash a HEPA filter?

Let’s say that you have your Honeywell hpa300 or any other air purifier and the true HEPA filters in it have run out of time. The reminder has already told you that you need to dig into your pocket for the replacements.

And true to the reminder, when you remove the HEPA filters, you find that they are so dirty with lots of debris, pollen, dust and dander and they indeed do need be replaced.

Well, the Honeywell hpa 300 has three HEPA filters and let’s imagine that this filter replacement reminder comes at the corner of the month when you are really broke.

Now one HEPA filter is going for about $50 and since you need three, you will have to spend about $150 which you do not have.

Should you go ahead to clean your HEPA filters?

Can you wash HEPA filters?

Can you wash HEPA filters?

Well, the simple answer is no.

Experts say that HEPA filters should be replaced and not cleaned if you want them to really work well.

Washing or vacuuming will alter the arrangement of the fine meshwork of fibers inside the HEPA filters such that it will start allowing particulate pollutants go unsieved.

But hey, let’s be more real.

You are broke and want to wash the darn thing.

True, cleaning up a hepa filter would save you lots of money that would have been used replacing with at new one.

At the same time, you do not have to have loads of old disposed hepa filters in your backyard

And of course you can do  clean your hepa filters, (because well, it is doable) but let’s look at the effects when you clean them.

What happens is that when you clean a true HEPA filter, it will surely lose its air cleaning accuracy.
We know very well that a new HEPA filter is able to filter out over 99.97% of air pollutants since it is able to filter out to 0.3 microns of particles.

These particles include pollen, dust, smoke and pet dander.

When you clean it either with a vacuum cleaner or cold water, you will destroy the meshwork of papers that make it up and so large particles of air pollutants will pass through it. It will also be producing lots of air per minute as compared to what it was doing before the cleaning.

  1. Cleaning hepa filters with cold water and soap

Washing a filter should not be that hard.

All you need is to remove it from the casing.

Apply some soap detergents and using cold water, soak it in the water for upto 15 minutes

When you soak it, you will find that the water immediately gets dirty since it will clean out all the debris and dirt from the filter.

You can then go ahead to rinse it by again soaking in cold clean water for 15 minutes.

Once you find that the water used to rinse it is not that dirty, go ahead to leave it to dry.

Then replace it.

  1. Cleaning hepa filters with a vacuum cleaner

The one thing that I least recommend in cleaning a hepa filter is using a vacuum cleaner.

Well, the vacuum cleaner will do a pretty nice job of cleaning it up but at the same time, it will destroy the arrangement of paper meshwork inside the filter. It will therefore not be very effective in cleaning your house air from then.

If you are yet to buy an air purifier and are looking for something that can be recycled, I would advise that you buy purifiers that have washable filters that we look at here.