Benefits of Air Purifiers

Maybe you are like me, wondering why the heck you would need an air purifier.

Well, I was also sailing in the same boa0t until I realize the benefits that I was denying myself before installing the gadget. In this post, we are going to look at the benefits of an air purifier in your living room, bedroom, basemenyt or even in your car.

Lets get into it.

  1. Remove bad odors

Bad odors such as cigarette smoke, strong perfumes, a stinky toilet, a dead rat in your ceiling, mold in your basement and wildfire smoke could find their way into your home and accumulate there. Of course this is going to cause your home to feel uncomfortable, untaken care of an inhabtibatle.
Now, no one wants this.

If you have ever lived in a house where there was a dead rat whose carcass could not be traced, then you know how unhomely your house could feel. It is also embarrassing especially when you have visitors and the bad whiff of air gets into their nostrils and they cannot help showing how uncomfortable they are feeling.

And you are there helpless. You got to wait till the rat fully rots before the air in the house can get clean again.

Okay that is just one case scenario. There is another worse one where you have a family member who cannot live without a smoke a day. And they binge on their nicotine nonchalantly all day. Even at night. They give no care to how bad it smells after they have had their smoke delicacy.

And so we have to live with them.

And tolerate the second hand cigarette smoke which the CDC claims that it is worse off than the first hand smoke inhaled by the chain smoker.

Anyway, all these things lead to a bad airless house.

But not to worry because you can troubleshoot all these problems by getting an air purifier that cleans all these bad odors. With a good buy, you can live happily with your smoking relative while still continuing to kill those thieving rodents.

  1. Remove pet dander

We all love pets, don’t we? Yes they are furry and close companion.

But then as much as we love them, they might pollute your air with their pet dander that might cause allergies. Well you need not worry because with a good air purifier, everything is well taken care of. The purifier detects and removes the dander leaving your house air clean and fresh.

  1. Have an airy home that gives you a positive mindset

When you grab an air ionizer be it for your house or car, you are assured of a fresh clean home that helps you feel young and rejuvenated.

Air ionizers work by releasing electronsinto your air that freshens up the air around you.

  1. See clearly in a smoke free house

Whether you are in a misty, dusty place or smoke gets its way into your home, you will still be able to see clearly when you have an air purifier. It removes all these air pollutants that might be limiting your visibility.

5. Reduce airborne viruses and bacteria

Air purifiers that use ultra violet ray technology are able to kill and eliminate germs in your home. You are are therefore assured of cleaner air that does not carry as much diseases.

6. Have white noise generated by your air purifier as it cleans your air

If you are a parent to a newborne kid, then you know how fussy they can get. Before parturition, they were used to this serene environment in the womb.

When they are borne, their universe changes!

The serene noise is no longer there and it is replaced by these uncordinated noises that they cannot put up with.

So they wail.

Even at night when you want to relax.

Worry not because air purifiers are known to produce white noise as they work. White noise is that humming sound that the purifier makes as it cleans air. The noise is similar to womb noises and that relaxes your baby!

So when you get an air purifier for your baby room, you are killing two birds with one stone; one you are purifying the air in the angel’s room while at the same time relaxing them with that humming white noise.

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