About Us

One thing that you need to know about me is that, I am allergic to dust, dander and pollen.

I also cannot stand cigarette smoke.

And that is the reason why I started this site Nikobai so that I can help other people whom we are sailing in the same boat.

At Nikobai.com, I advise my readers on the new air purification technologies while at the same time reviewing the best air purifiers that money can buy them.

Hey, I am James and welcome to my site.

I am no air purifier expert but I have been using them for quite a long time.

10 years to be exact.

I also like delving into topics around air purification and therefore, I would claim to be a guru in this topic.

I have a smoking father.

He is a chain smoker who has been warned against the habit but he just can’t help himself off the habit.

He is beyond rescue and so his lungs continue darkening and darkening.

My wife loves flowers and so she has a flower garden just outside the house.

My two little kids love cats. I hate them (I mean cats!)

With cigarette smoke, pollen, cat dander and my allergies, I just can’t live without an air purifier.

And it got be the best.

You can shoot your questions through my contact page